Cyber Trends

Postponed Information regarding the postponement of Cyber Trends 2020 Registration and Logistics Cyber Trends takes place on 30 April 2020 at Mansion House, London. Questions with regards the registration, timing, venue and logistics. Morning Workshops Our optional instructional and practical workshops will be taking place between 8am and 12 noon. Choose between attending a session on DMARC or learning about our GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business. Agenda and Speakers The agenda features keynote speakers and a series of three debates with subject matter experts focusing on the identification of current cyber trends in three broad areas. It will take place between 1pm and 5.15pm in the Egyptian Hall.
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About Cyber Trends 1 December 18, 2019
To Be Rescheduled 1 March 24, 2020
Workshop B: GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business 2 March 24, 2020
Workshop A: DMARC 2 March 24, 2020
Webinars Scheduled Instead! 1 March 24, 2020
Register to Attend 2 March 24, 2020
Notice of Postponement 1 March 17, 2020
How to Get to Mansion House 1 January 17, 2020
Debate 3: Next Generation Internet: How to Change the Status Quo 1 January 16, 2020
Debate 2: Managing the Weakest Link: Supply-Chain Threats and Their Management 1 January 16, 2020
Debate 1: Implementing Anti-Cybercrime Operations and Capabilities 1 January 16, 2020