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Access The Office Safely Communicating with office systems via the internet is insecure. Use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a private channel which is less susceptible to evesdropping or data manipulation. Make sure to check with your IT staff on how the VPN should be setup/configured before purchasing or using a free VPN. Useful Resources Resources from third parties that may be helpful. Avoid Dangerous Websites Many websites harbour viruses. Protect yourself from accessing known malicious websites by using Protective DNS. Go to DNS Security in the Prevent Phishing and Viruses to learn more. Anything Else Got a question about working from home that doesn’t fit elsewhere - ask it here! Patch To Protect Patching is really important to prevent attackers gain access to your systems via identified loopholes. Manufacturers regularly send out security updates to close these down. These updates should be applied immediately and preferably automatically. Select Update Your Systems in the Update Your Defenses Toolbox for instructions on how to set this up automatically on Apple, Windows and Android devices Sign In Securely Two Factor (or Multi Factor) Authentication in addition to strong unique passwords makes it harder for attackers to gain access to your accounts. Select Tools for 2FA in the Beyond Simple Passwords Toolbox and 2FA basics for help setting it up across your accounts.
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