Backgrounder: Know What You Have

Download the attached pdf to find out why knowing what you have is an important step towards lowering your risk of cyber attack.
Backgrounder KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE 2001.pdf (299.4 KB)

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Hi Gill,

Excellent resource! As someone who works in health IT, it’s nice to see all the tools pooled together into this comprehensive guide!

My colleagues and I have developed a tool for monitoring how internal users access sensitive data. Specifically, we identify abnormal behaviour which may indicate a malicious or negligent user. It’s a commercial tool that is really beneficial to organizations that hold PII or sensitive data.

I noticed that most/all of the tools listed on GCA Toolkit are free to use. Are there plans to offer a toolkit of commercial products? Does GCA have any toolkits for listing other software that is protecting against data breaches?

Looking forward to your reply,

Hi Mick - thanks for your comments. We do have a number of initiatives lined up for the toolkit. By chance today (19 Feb) at 8.30am/ET, 1.30pm/GMT… our CEO Phil Reitinger is being interviewed on the General/GCA News&Announcements channel (tagged Interview) about the toolkit and will be available to answer questions! Do join us then, or catch up afterwards. Gill