Backgrounder: Prevent Phishing and Malware

Download the attached pdf to find out why it’s important to use real time Anti-Virus and DNS filtering. Then start implementing today using the tools in our Prevent Phishing and Malware Toolbox!
Backgrounder PREVENT PHISHING AND MALWARE 2002.pdf (247.7 KB)

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These are three great videos from The City of London Police Cyber Griffin Team talking about phishing, vishing and social engineering. They were developed in March 2020 as many countries were entering into ‘lockdown’ in response to COVID 19 and needing to work from home. They are UK focussed but the information and guidance remains applicable at all times where-ever you are based in the world. Do also consider watching the other guides in the series.

Cyber Griffin Guides: Phishing
Cyber Griffin Guides: Vishing
Cyber Griffin Guides: Social Engineering

NCSC guidance to help defend organisations against malware and ransomware attacks: