DKIM setup for 1&1 Ionos

Dear Forum,

For a client I have who uses Ionos to host their email and domain. Their SPF, DMARC is all setup fine but I cannot find any help or setup for DKIM.

Any help of suggestions would be much appreciated.

Kind regards

Hi Kevin,

For setting up DKIM on 1&1 Ionos, you will need to create either a TXT or CNAME records. 3rd party systems should provide you with the information that needs to be put into DNS. If you are using a email security gateway, you’ll have to generate the keys, and take the information provided for the public key and publish that to DNS.

So it really depends on where/how you are getting the DKIM information.

  • Shehzad

Hi Shehzad,

Many thanks for your reply. I talked to Ionos and they said currently they do not support DKIM.

I must admit I did not feel entirely confident with the response from their support.


That is an odd reply from them. I’ve put in DKIM entries as CNAME records for one of our domains. We got records information from Sendgrid (since that is what we are using to send mail for that domain). Works without issue.

  • Shehzad

My client is using the Ionos business mail service which is POP3/IMAP, so it would seem they are not able to supply the record information.

Ionos sell and supply MS 365 so I’ll suggest to the client to move their email to it.

Ah, now I understand. So their mail service doesn’t support DKIM. Interesting. Sorry, I keep focusing on their DNS and registrar side.