DMARC verification report

If we have a Email Gateway for which the DMARC verification is tuned ON. Then how can I get the DMARC reports exclusively of DMARC verification generated by the gateway on my address I read somewhere that I need to add my address in our DMRAC record at rua. But again, adding the address there will give me overall all the reports for that domain, but the requirement is to have only DMARC verification reports generated.

The way DMARC reports function is that they are sent by the receiving end to the emails address defined in the DMARC policy. DMARC verification is going to very all messages coming from external sources (i.e. incoming messages), and then send a report to the external domains with a DMARC policy.

Most gateways will not send you a report for your domain (at least I have not seen a case of that occurring). You’re really depending on the receive end to send you reports of activity for your domain.

Its weird to learn that, you would not see the DMARC verification aggregation reports of your incoming emails traversing your own gateway . :roll_eyes: