Don't be too quick to click

More than ever users need to pay more attention to what links they click on -

Phishing has become one of the most harmful effects of cybersecurity today. Even though awareness of the problem has been rising daily, there is a risk that people are getting tired of the daily news bombarding them about the latest phishing attacks. However, this later phishing attack about Google Doc is worth paying attention to.

Attackers are using a new technique to exploit Google Docs for phishing attacks, according to researchers at Avanan. The attackers take advantage of the fact that Google Docs automatically renders HTML code, so a Google Doc can act as a landing page to direct the user to the real phishing page.

“This Google Docs page may look familiar to those who share Google Docs outside of their organization,” Avanan says. “This, however, isn’t that page. It’s a custom HTML page made to look like that familiar Google Docs share page. The attacker wants the victim to “Click here to download the document” and once the victim clicks on that link, they will be redirected to the actual malicious phishing website where their credentials will be stolen through another webpage made to look like the Google Login portal.”
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