Educational Establishments Targeted as New Term Begins

Whilst no individual or organisation is ever safe from attack we are seeing schools and universities being hit hard as the new term begins and they open their virtual and physical doors to students. This may be as a result of malicious activity that has been taking place over the past several months and this is the opportune moment to inflict most damage/pressure or may just be a growing coincidence.

Review Phils 20 questions blog, ensure patching is up to date, backup regularly, use strong passwords and 2FA, Quad9 and deploy DMARC on your school domain if you can. All this is free to implement - support is available. Other suggestions and recommendations welcome!

K12 Schools Targetted by Maze Ransomware:

Newcastle University Cyber Attack FAQs (Ransomware):

And in the UK NCSC have issued an alert and excellent guidance: