Exchange 2016 Native DKIM

Anyone have a solution they like or a program that can be added to an on premise Exchange 2016 server to add DKIM?

Hi Nick,

There is an open source tool called DKIM-Exchange. It can be found on Github

I have not used it myself, but those that have says it works great and they have not seen an service impacts to the system

Thanks I saw that. Was not super thrilled that it appears they are looking for a maintainer for the code but it looks like the option everyone uses

Yeah, there are other tools, but not as popular this dkim-exchange.

Here is a link for another tool, I’ve just never seen it in use:

I should also add that if you have an email security gateway (i.e. Cisco Ironport or Mimecast). Check to see if that support DKIM signing. Most will do signing and key generation.