Free Valimail Monitor for Office 365

Wanted to share the free Valimail Monitor for Office 365 customers… Free Valimail Monitor for Office 365

I had to create a support ticket and reach out to get my account created Your mileage may vary.

I also setup and added email addresses for dmarcian and postmark as well using this very detailed and informative guide that walks you through the whole process… (external souce link) Guide to Configure Valimail for DMARC with Office 365 & Azure SSO

Hi TechieDJ,

Thanks for the recommendation.

Valimail is a good partner of ours and we will look into their tool and if it meets our criteria, we will recommend it to our Change Control Board to add to the list of tools.

We will also add the link your provided to our list of DMARC Implementation tips.


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