Holiday Reminders

Remember that:

  • Cybersecurity scammers will be more active during the holiday season - this we know for sure! So it’s important to be cyber aware and cautious - cybercriminals don’t take holidays.

  • When sending out holidays emails to your board, volunteers, staff, and donors, maybe include a reminder (or 2) such as: "We will be taking a much need break Date - Date, if you receive any communication appearing from us during this time, please do not respond as it may not be from us." or “Just as a friendly reminder, communications from [org name] come from [email] if you receive a communication appearing to be us from another email, please let us know! It may be a scam.”

  • Remind staff and volunteers to let you know if they get anything weird on their work or personal devices, even if they made a mistake and click on something they shouldn’t have! It’s better to know than to have people not tell you.