How do I protect an old smartphone?

Hi! Someone asked me this question about patching and I would like to know the answer.

In a nutshell- They receive smartphones that have become obsolete <10 years (Android 4.X ios 9.X) and connect people who have no access to classic education means via this smartphone to their e-learning platform. So they have outdated OS as a security issue, and wonder how they can make it as secure as possible?

Thanks much!

The best answer here isn’t helpful. Don’t use an outdated smartphone because the lack of security updates is a very significant issue. It’s better to use an old “dumb” mobile phone than an out-of-date smartphone.

There are a few things you can do that help some. First, make sure the phone is as up-to-date as possible. Second, update all the apps on the phone. Third, don’t use the phone for anything sensitive, including access to services where any personal or sensitive information is stored. Fourth, if an Android phone, you might use the Quad9 DNS app if it will work. Fifth, you might use a security app if it will run - there are free ones available.