Interview: GCA Exec Director Megan Stifel on her plans for the Americas

Hello and thank you for joining us today. This is the next interview in our ongoing series in which we’re talking with GCA executives about their work and objectives for this year. Today we are joined by Megan Stifel, Executive Director of the Americas regions.
Megan - thanks for so much for taking a few minutes to chat. Can you tell us a little about the GCA plans for the Americas?

Hi Krista, it’s great to be here this morning with you and share more about GCA.

In 2020 I’m working to deepen our relationships with existing partners and expanding our partnership ranks. To do so, we’re working to better explain our value proposition to the sectors with whom we engage and build a coherent narrative for our projects and areas of work.

Why are these important and how will they contribute to GCA’s global mission?

In order to unite communities to deploy solutions, we need to have the relationships in place to both understand these communities’ needs as well as the most effective means to address them. This type of understanding only comes from investing time with partners and correlating those needs across partners and sectors to develop a cohesive strategy to meaningfully reduce cyber risk.

Yes, GCA puts a priority on relationships and collaborative approaches. How can the community help?

We welcome community engagement. Whether it be via this Community Forum, social media, or emails, we’re listening and welcome your feedback on how we can improve existing offerings, opportunities to expand our outreach efforts, or new partnerships to extend our impact.

We need people to use our toolkits and tell us what works and what doesn’t, as well as industry leaders to share with us their areas of critical need, where free solutions can help reduce a risk that existing solutions, often fee-based, cannot reach.

Great, thanks so much Megan. And speaking of the toolkits, if you haven’t already checked them out, visit the site here:

Thanks to everyone for joining us. Feel free to send us any questions or chat in the forum. We look forward to seeing you for the next session in this series!

Thanks, Krista and everyone for joining the discussion. Please send comments here or reach out to me at with any questions or follow up. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!