Interview: Insights into our 2020 NCSC CyberFirst Bursary Students

I was looking for a way to improve my skills in a variety of areas and GCA offered a diverse range of work that allowed me to accomplish this. They also perform a key role in the Cyber Security landscape and it’s exciting to be part of that

GCA is an organisation committed to improving the security of the internet by helping SMEs to improve their companies security posture in a way that is low or zero cost. I believe that by helping these SMEs to protect their networks, it also helps the internet as a whole to be more secure.
As the number of attack vectors decreases, the number of attacks proxying off these vulnerable networks is decreased and less attacks are launched against other companies.

Thank you so much for providing your insights and responses.
The CyberFirst Programme is led by the UK National Cyber Security Centre and includes involvement across industry and government. Launched in May 2016 it offers a range of activities, courses, competitions and initiatives focussed on introducing cyber security skills amongst young people and developing the next generation of cyber security experts:
Global Cyber Alliance are pleased to be included in the programme and extremely proud to have received the 2019 NCSC CyberFirst SME Award for our contribution to the programme last year.

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As the students come to the end of their 8 week placement with GCA do take a look at a blog, written by Amy, which gives more insight into the work they have undertaken whilst with us:

Applications are also open for the NCSC September 2021CyberFirst Bursary and Degree intake - find out more here: