Making DMARC Easier to Understand - Less Technical; for non-technical folk

Hi All
Hope you’re all keeping safe and well. I am relatively new to DMARC; folks at GCA have been very helpful. So my challenge is that I have to explain DMARC very often to people who are not familiar or technically plugged into DNS or DMARC. So my call out is for the community to share any presentations. one-pagers, ideas, suggestions, help with coming up short presentation that will explain DMARC to non-technical decision-makers around the world, especially emerging markets; so they get it and Sign-Up adopt DMARC nationally; which will be good for all of us. Appreciate your support. Cheers

Hi Saldys,

We have some good information that should help here: DMARC Resource Kit - DMARC | Global Cyber Alliance

Thanks very much, Shehzad; Appreciated. Look forward to more suggestions from community. Cheers