Misleading external resources

I saw this page on your site:

I followed “Read More” and looked at their guide:

The article is demonstrably incorrect in many places, and recommends readers move to commercial solutions.

It reflects poorly on you to drive traffic to such a site.

Thank you for raising your concern. The link in the toolkit itself is to the main homepage as opposed to this one and whilst we do audit the tools and resources on a regular basis for appropriateness there are times when features/content on third party sites change in the intervening period. We will review this resource, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

No apparent action. :slightly_frowning_face:
Looks like you’re still sending traffic to that site that is somewhere between misinformed and deliberately misinforming.

Hi Rhys
Thank you for following up - we include a variety of resources from different organisations and try to identify those we feel of most benefit, these are constantly evolving, as are the threats and we review on a regular basis. It is far from our intention to mislead - please do email us directly on toolkit@globalcyberalliance.org to so we can fully understand the concern (you say it is ‘demonstrably incorrect’ in many places) and if there is an alternate resource available that you feel is better suited we would be keen to consider it. Many Thanks Gill