Q1. What does patching mean?

I hear #patching mentioned quite often in relation to computer systems, but I’m never quite sure what it means - could someone explain it to me? (Q1 from #GCAchat 21 May 2020)

(@SBRC_Scotland) Patching is where you download fixes and improvements for software you already own. Patches are very similar to updates or upgrades but are generally smaller but much more urgent.

(@EMEA_GCA) Systems, devices, and applications are continuously updated. Some of those updates are patches to fix security issues or vulnerabilities that could give access to your data. Staying up-to-date is key for your cybersecurity, and your business. Patch to Protect - Work From Home

(@Cyber_Readiness) Response: Basically, patching means updating your software. When the software company releases an update, it often includes “patches” that fix security issues. You should set your computer up to auto update the patches that are issued.