Q2. Why is #patching so important for computer systems?

Why is #patching so important for computer systems? (Q2 from #GCAchat 21 May 2020)

(@SBRC_Scotland) Patches are used to fix bugs and security problems with software. When a software company discovers an issue with their product they will move quickly to make patches available to help protect their customers.

(@Cyber_Readiness) Response: Hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities – ways to get into your computer. So when a software company releases a patch, the hackers immediately know that there is a vulnerability in the software and they race to see how to take advantage of it. They rely on the fact that some people will be really slow to update their software. In other cases, they may have already identified the vulnerability and are working to compromise it.

(@Tech4GS) Response: #Patching is incredibly important for all computer systems. You won’t see it, but bad actors are always looking for system flaws in order to introduce malicious code. If they find a hole, they’ll try to infect your systems, potentially compromising personal or financial info.

Everyone has to patch—it’s like putting oil in your car.

(@cybersupportnet) Response: #Patching protects your device from potential #cybersecurity holes where cyber attacks could occur. Keep those devices up-to-date!