Q5. What if my devices are no longer supported?

What if my devices are no longer supported? (Q5 from #GCAchat 21 May 2020)

(@SBRC_Scotland) Unsupported devices will no longer receive regular software updates from their manufacturers and other providers. Your device will still work but you’ll be stuck with any bugs and security flaws forever. Unfortunately the only fix is to upgrade to new hardware.

(@EMEA_GCA) Best not to use them at all or find an alternative. If that’s not possible, then minimise risks and use them only for their function, run only necessary apps (remove all others), block all accesses and delete all unnecessary data on them: How do I protect an old smartphone?

An example of an unsupported device would be one running WIndows 7 which went ‘End of Life’ in January 2020: Windows 7 End of Support Info - Microsoft

And what about that old router sat in the corner that’s just worked since you took it out of the box? Or internet connected printer….? Are they still supported? Are they running the latest version software? Why not check

(@Tech4GS) Response: Not everyone can afford the newest $1000 dollar phone. If your device is no longer supported, you face a tough situation. You may be able to find alternative operating systems to install on the device, but this gets time consuming and complicated.

Alternatively, you really can continue to do basic things on the device but should avoid any sensitive activity at all—email, banking, etc. An inability to keep the security of the device updated puts you and your personal matters at risk.

(@cybersupportnet) Response: Unfortunately, if your device is no longer supported and you cannot keep your software updated, you will be left with some #cybersecurity risks. If you can’t upgrade to a new device, go into your security settings and make sure your privacy/permissions are strict.