Quad9 for Android Feedback

We are keen for your feedback and experience using this tool, as well as any tips and advice you would like to give the wider community. Many thanks.

I have just come across Quad9 and installed it on my Android, Samsung Note 8 device - one question I do have is how does the product compliment (or interfere) with other tools that I may have like BitDefender Mobile Anti-Virus, that has a built in browser security tool, to authenticate web pages that I visit – and also the BitDefender VPN software (since Quad9 also instantiates a VPN service on my mobile device) perhaps it would be good to address a question like this up front for users who may have other security technologies to show how it fits in with other products / capabilities.

Hi Anthony, thanks for your question!
Quad9 acts as an additional layer of protection on top of and in compliment with your existing anti-virus tools. Quad9 prevents your computer from connecting to malicious sites in the first place, while an anti-virus system is typically designed to prevent malicious code from being activated once you’ve already started interacting with it. Quad9 might have a better chance in keeping you from connecting to sites that are not covered by your particular anti-virus software (more protection is better!) and also the Quad9 site blocking feature is often more rapidly updated than some anti-virus software lists, so there are benefits Quad9 provides. Conversely, there are some ways that anti-virus software protects you against threats that Quad9 can’t cover, such as viruses delivered via email or viruses embedded in trusted websites such as file sharing systems, so we always recommend multiple levels of protection against threats.
Many thanks Gill