Reducing Online Risk

What can we personally do to reduce our risk? If you had to pick 2 suggestions to share with others what would they be and why?

I never use public or free WiFi (coffee shops/hotels etc) for anything sensitive or to log into any accounts because they are not secure.
I always check the actual email address behind the name displayed if I am not sure if the email is actually from the person it says it is.

Great question! Some of the biggest threats to the individual and organisation come from everyday behaviours, which are then exploited by cybercriminals. Here are our top tips:

  • Consider closely what you’re posting on social media. Outside of company-held social media accounts, our personal accounts can be treasure-troves of information for cybercriminals. Every little bit of personal information you post can add detail to an identity thief’s profile of you, enabling them to systems within your organisation which would otherwise be inaccessible.

  • Always maintain a sense of scepticism when opening your emails. Whether it seems to be coming from an external source, like Netflix, or an internal source, like your building’s fire safety officer, every email has the potential to be a phishing email.