Resources - USA

Much will be globally applicable

US Department of Homeland Security: Coronavirus | CISA

National Cyber Security Alliance: Includes tips for avoiding corona virus related scams and best practices for remote workers: COVID-19 Security Resource Library - Stay Safe Online

Number of tools available whose providers are either giving away for free during this time of coronavirus or have a long free trial: Free security resources for work-from-home employees during the COVID-19 crisis | CSO Online

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National Institute of Standards and Technology: Telework Security Basics | NIST
NIST Information Technology Laboratory Bulletin March 2020:

Center For Internet Security (CIS): Guide to assist individuals and organizations in securing routers, modems, and other network devices. Includes advice on purchasing a device, setting it up and managing and maintaining: CIS Controls Telework and Small Office Network Security Guide

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Cyber Readiness Institute “Securing a Remote Workforce”

Amazon Web Services are providing a selection of their cloud services for free to new subscribers until 30 June, after which standard charges will apply: Remote Work & Learning | Amazon Web Services