You've made it through week one of GCA's DMARC Bootcamp!

Hello DMARC Bootcampers,

We have completed our first webinar. In case you were unable to attend, you can watch the recorded session here:

To make things easier to organize through the bootcamp, we have created a page on which we will add resources and information relevant to each week of the bootcamp. So please visit the site to check for any new information. You can find it here: Learn About DMARC - DMARC | Global Cyber Alliance.

We are also excited to announce our new GCA Community Forum, which includes a DMARC-specific forum - exclusively offered to bootcamp registrants before its formal launch. You can access it at: Over the coming weeks, the community forum will open up for other projects that GCA is working on. In the meantime, please use this forum to post any questions that you have in regards to DMARC, SPF and DKIM.

The next webinar is going to be held on Sept 18th at 7 am EST, 12 pm EST and 11:59 pm EST. The webinar topic is “What are SPF and DKIM?” In this session we will be going over in detail how SPF and DKIM work and what the records look like. We will cover the basics and options of performing DKIM key generation and signing.

The webinar registration link is

Thank you,

Shehzad Mirza
Director of Operations
Global Cyber Alliance