123 reg hosting and DMARC

Can anyone let me know of i can roll out DMARC when my email is hosted on 123 reg, they are saying it cant.



If they are your DNS hosting provider, then yes you can. Can you follow these steps and see if you access:

thanks, but 123 reg are saying they dont support DMARC

I’m not sure I understand.

A DMARC policy is created in DNS. If 123 reg is your organization’s DNS hosting provider, then you can input the DNS entry needed for DMARC. That’s not something 123 reg will do for you. A DMARC policy must be created by the organization that purchased the domain.

ok, thanks I feel its more my basic understanding than anything else. What im looking for is a step by step guide. I can access the DNS and add a new entry, what no one is explaining is what exactly i need to add in the entry

DMARC requires a txt record be created in your DNS - for simplicity this record will explain your policy indication (none, quarantine, or reject), and an email address to send the daily reports to and a few other optional fields to help with settings for sub domains, and enforcement. There are several great wizards to help build the proper DMARC text record. GSA has a walk through here: https://dmarcguide.globalcyberalliance.org/ and we host one at https://250ok.com/tools/dmarc-wizard.

Fill out the form and get a record similar to something like this for your DNS:
_dmarc.testdomain.com in TXT "v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:RUA_email@testdomain.com; ruf=mailto:RUF_email@testdomain.com;"

Likely 123 reg doesn’t support the reporting portion of this equation, but you can find any number of services, some for free, others paid, to manage the interpretation of the reports. Google will be your friend here for finding the right vendor that fits your budget.