DKIM lookup tools showing error for Selector 1

Dear Forum,

I just wondered is anyone else is seeing the same issue where checking domain DKIM selector1 with i.e agari or dmarcian and I guess other lookup tools, where it shows “DKIM record is missing” or that there is something wrong with the record when in fact they are setup correctly. Checking Selector 2 they all report ok and if I use the MS 365 Powershell command “Get-DkimSigningConfig | fl” It shows both selectors are working so I assume all is working ok. I notice Microsoft have recently added support for 2048-bit encryption keys so maybe this is the reason as the selectors rotate they will be upgraded.

Anyhow If anyone else has noticed the same I’d be interested to know

Kind regards

Hi Kevin,

That is odd. I have not experienced anything like that with the 0365 setups that I have done in the past.

If selector2 is being picked up then selector1 should as well.

  • Shehzad

So I went back to a few domains that I know of that are using 0365. It looks like what you are seeing is the same with some other domains. If you dig on the DKIM record, selector1 comes up blank, but selector2 shows the key. Wonder if there is something at Microsoft’s end.