How Common Is CyberCrime? Training Document

Cybercrime is big business and growing globally. There’s no getting around it. Everyone is a target including nonprofits.

We often believe that cybercrime only happens to someone else. Maybe we feel your organization isn’t important enough to be targeted, or perhaps we believe the defense that IT has in place fully protect us. The reality of the situation is - that it just isn’t true.

In this training document, we will introduce you to multiple strategies and attack types the cybercriminals use. Understanding these, will help you identify the risks whenever you’re asked to take an action. We will offer you guidance on how you can respond to these threats. Remember these attacks happen way more often than you think - so you need to stay alert and skeptical.

Please download the attached document and share it with your staff. Or drop us an email at if you have any questions.

Training - Cybercrime.pdf (248.9 KB)