I want to Advice on the Best Cybersecurity Certifications

Hello everyone,
I am currently exploring different cyber security certifications and would like some advice from the community on which is best cybersecurity certifications the most valuable and what is beneficial in today job market & who is more recognized?
I have few years of experience in software engineering and now I want to focus more towards cyber security. I have done some self-study and taken some introductory courses but I believe formal certifications would greatly increase my knowledge and credibility in this area.
These are some of the certifications I am considering

  1. Certified Information Systems Security Professional – I have heard this is a widely recognized certification for professionals seeking senior roles in cybersecurity.
  2. Certified Ethical Hacker – This sounds interesting to someone like me
  3. CompTIA Security+ – This is a great entry-level certification in my opinion
  4. Certified Information Security Manager – I have read that this is more management focused which could be useful if you decide to move into a leadership role in the future.
  5. Certified Information Systems Auditor – According to me this can be useful for a role that involves auditing and ensuring the security of systems.

I am interested to know which certifications have been most beneficial to your career, how you prepared for these certifications & what resources you found most useful & any information you might share regarding these certifications. Would also appreciate insight or personal experience.