Interview: GCA Exec Director Klara Jordan on her plans for Europe and Africa

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the third of our interviews with GCA’s Executive Directors. Today we’ll be interviewing Klara Jordan, our ED for the EU and Africa.

We are now getting everything ready for the interview. We’ll start in 10 minutes, at 17:00 CET, 16:00 BST, 12:00 EST.

Hi, everyone! Today we’re interviewing Klara Jordan, our new Executive Director for the EU and Africa. Her region is the last one where GCA has landed as an organization, with an office in Brussels opened just seven months ago.

Hello, Klara! How’re you doing?

Hi Alejandro and thank you for the introduction, I am looking forward to sharing my objectives today

So, there we go. First question: What are your region objectives for 2020?

In 2020 I am working to continue to globalize our reach- build partnerships in Europe to deploy our solutions, build our networks, and bring European partners into our community. In practical terms it means identifying those organizations – in the public, private, and not for profit sector that can serve as an entry point in a county and with whom we can build GCA network in a given country.

Driving translations and local deployment of small businesses toolkit, a DMARC awareness campaign in my AOR and, growing our European partner base are among these priorities.

At the end of 2019 Africa has been added to my portfolio - in this region I am working to establish collaboration with recognized entities that can amplify our reach across the region and that can help us identify where our tools and project could make the most immediate impact.

Why are these important and how will they contribute to GCA’s global mission?

GCA as a global organization must extend its partnerships and reach and impact in Europe and Africa and bring into its network diverse partner who bring diverse perspective, capabilities, and experience. Given we are tackling global challenges, a diverse network that can exchange best practices, ideas, and collaborate formally and informally is key. Our impact can be global only if we work with local partners in various countries that can support the deployment of our projects and tools in their regions.

Absolutely agree. And now that our community is reading us: how can the community help?

In Europe and Africa, GCA does not yet enjoy the name and brand recognition as it does in the US or UK and our ability to enter into a new market is significantly facilitated if organizations in our community, who bought into our mission and vision, can support us in our efforts - by making recommendations, introductions, or pointing us to organizations and individuals to work with.

Thanks a lot, Klara! And to our community: please feel free to continue the conversation. We’re very interested in getting your insights about these two regions.

See you in Brussels (whenever corona allows), Klara!

Thank you Alejandro and I look forward to continuing the conversation with the community.